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What is the Difference Between Counselling and Psychotherapy?
Prospective clients looking at the Personal & Relationship Counselling website will notice that we offer both “Counselling” and “Psychotherapy”, and they might well wonder what exactly is the difference between the two. It’s a good question and as a therapist who has worked at Personal & Relationship Counselling for a long time, and has done […]
Should I Get Online or Face-to-Face Counselling?
At Personal and Relationship Counselling, we offer couples counselling and psychotherapy from our private practice in Plymouth, along with giving clients the option of receiving sessions online. In our post-pandemic world, it is important that clients have a choice about whether they have online or in-person counselling. As a result, you may be wondering which […]
Five Issues Often Experienced by Young People
We have been working with children and young people for many years, offering a safe place in which to explore the complex issues and emotional reactions to situations they find themselves in. Tracy Ede is our specialist who has worked with children and young people for over 25 years. Tracy joined Personal & Relationship Counselling […]
Couple holding hands
Five Ways a Relationship Can Break Down
If you are struggling in your relationship with a partner or spouse, it could be down to a number of different reasons. Resentment and disillusionment build up over time, causing a bridge to form between the two of you. By seeing a couple’s counsellor in Plymouth or online, you can get to the bottom of […]

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