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We are a private practice in Plymouth with over 25 years of experience in helping couples move to a better place through personalised counselling. Every relationship is unique, so we take a bespoke approach to each situation and make sure you receive the right kind of help. We understand that many factors can cause communication to break down, leading to an erosion of warmth and security, and this is where couples counselling can help. Our private practice offers a safe, confidential space where both parties can bring difficult issues out into the open and develop healthy ways to move past them. 

If you are experiencing difficulties in your relationship and would like to arrange couples counselling in Plymouth at our practice or online, feel free to select a time on our booking system

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How can counselling help you?

You might seek couples counselling in Plymouth or online for a number of reasons. Perhaps you are going through a crisis, or maybe you have been drifting apart for some time and are contemplating separation. Whatever your issues are, we have a team of experienced, friendly, BACP accredited specialists who can work with couples on a number of areas, which include but are not limited to: 


Most relationship problems are underpinned by a breakdown in communication. Over time, couples often stop expressing their true feelings to each other, creating a gap that eventually feels unsurmountable and leads to both parties falling out of love. If left untreated, you will end up having the same arguments repeatedly and may decide to part ways. 

If your relationship is heading in this direction, couples counselling can help. In a personalised, structured way, a member of our specialist team will work with you to identify why this breakdown in communication occurred in the first place, how it has adversely affected your relationship, and provide the exact tools you require to promote understanding of the other side and establish genuine communication once again. 

Doing this takes time, and is never easy, but if both members of the relationship are committed to mending wounds in relationships, that sense of connection can return - and we will be with you every step of the way.

Intimacy and Sexual Problems

Many couples experience problems with intimacy at some point in their relationship and we have high levels of specialist experience in giving people the resources they need to rekindle their connection in the bedroom. We will explore the feelings and emotions lying behind these sexual problems, with an emphasis on recognising the interaction between your mind and body. Working in this way replaces fear and frustration with knowledge and compassion, creating the perfect platform from which to develop a way of moving forward that works for you. 

To arrange your first session of couples counselling, provided in Plymouth, the wider Devon and Cornwall area, and online, please visit our booking system to select a time that suits you.

Major Life Events

Managing major life events/transitions as a couple is never easy. Life throws all kinds of challenges at us and it can impact the health of your relationship. A bereavement, for example, can cause a gap to appear between two people. You may be feeling stressed ahead of having a baby, or perhaps feel uncertain about your future as a couple once your children leave home. One partner may have had an affair, causing a severe rupture in your relationship. 

In times of crisis such as these, couples counselling provides a welcoming, strictly confidential neutral space to confront difficult topics head on. Both members are free to honestly express how they feel about a situation, learning more about their partner’s experience of the event as a result. Your counsellor will then take what you have brought to the session and, in collaboration with both sides, come up with a bespoke solution that works for your situation.

Getting in touch

You are free to get in touch with us over the phone, by email, or using the contact form below to arrange a free 15-minute call. This allows you to ask any questions and decide whether couples counselling or psychotherapy is right for you. There is no pressure on you to book a session if you don’t want to. However, should you wish to proceed, please use our booking system to select a time for your first session.

Want to know more about how we supply couples counselling and psychotherapy in Plymouth? Take a look at our Counsellors and Therapists page for further information on how our team of specialists can work with you.

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