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The Problem of Loneliness Among Young People in 2022
Along with providing counselling and psychotherapy in Plymouth and online for adults, we at Personal and Relationship Counselling work frequently with teenagers. If you are a parent, or a teenager yourself, you will know that this age bracket – between 13 and 18 – encounters a unique series of challenges, such as exam stress, body […]
The People Repair Shop
At Personal & Relationship Counselling we do not ask people for testimonials, we consider the impact this could have and feel it is not ethical to expect praise for a job well done, or not, especially when they have trusted us to help them in confidence. Having said this, we sometimes get unsolicited letters or […]
Why do we find it so difficult to grieve?
This is probably because it has become common in our society to avoid feeling upset – happiness has become the only acceptable emotion. We have lost sight of the normal emotional state of the human being, which can be as changeable as the British weather. When we lose someone close to us, we naturally feel […]
How Do I Choose the Right Therapist for Me?
Talking to a therapist is a very personal and often vulnerable experience, so it is important to find a therapist who you connect with and most importantly, feel comfortable sharing your innermost thoughts and feelings. If you are experiencing relationship issues, depression, anxiety, bereavement, addiction, or problems with gender, sexuality or identity, you might be […]
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