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For many years, our therapists have provided counselling for people struggling to overcome an addiction of some kind. Dependency on a particular behaviour or substance can co-exist alongside other issues such as depression, anxiety and low self – esteem (amongst others). Many people will have tried to treat their addiction by managing the behaviour itself- […]
‘You Talkin to me?’ ‘Well I don’t see anyone else here!’
Some may recognise the title as a part quote of Robert De Niro in the Martin Scorsese 1976 cult status movie ‘Taxi Driver’. De Niro has an exchange with himself in a mirror where he acts out being a tough guy with his reflection. Just like De Niro our thoughts help us to predict and […]
The Problem of Loneliness Among Young People in 2022
Along with providing counselling and psychotherapy in Plymouth and online for adults, we at Personal and Relationship Counselling work frequently with teenagers. If you are a parent, or a teenager yourself, you will know that this age bracket – between 13 and 18 – encounters a unique series of challenges, such as exam stress, body […]
The People Repair Shop
There is a place in Looe Street whose people are a pleasure to meet. When you are emotionally depleted and utterly defeated; try to pluck up the courage, as they are wealthy in their knowledge, they are wise with words and you will be heard they refrain from opinion, you talk and they listen they […]

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